‘Laura’ will keep you guessing

By Meredith Pechta, Theater Reviewer | Jan 30, 2013
Courtesy of: Kevin L. Campbell Kendal Bogan (Laura) and Alex Tweedie (Shelby) star in the Red Curtain’s production of “Laura,” a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very end.

“Laura” is one of the better whodunit’s out there. Most don’t keep you guessing up until the last five minutes. This one does. Even the supposed ‘victim’ might be a suspect!

The Red Curtain’s story begins with a detective working on a murder case. The victim was found dead in her apartment with most of her pretty face blown away.

We meet the various suspects, and then the audience is thrown a curve: The woman who was declared dead is alive!

Apparently Laura went on a little vacation and gave over her apartment to another woman who looks just enough like Laura to cause confusion. Her face was barely recognizable. But since this is the case, it raises many questions.

Did the murderer intend to kill Laura or her friend? If Laura is the intended target, is her life still in danger? And is it possible that Laura knew beforehand that her life was in jeopardy and set the girl up? Did Laura, in fact, murder the girl?

There is certainly a motive. The real victim was having an affair with Laura’s fiancé Shelby. Did Shelby do it? What about Laura’s agent Waldo, who seems a bit overprotective of her?

There is also the son of the landlady who doesn’t like being dismissed as a mere kid. What about the landlady herself, who doesn’t like the influence that Laura has over her son? Could it have been Laura’s maid, Bessie?

The Red Curtain Foundation as always has a top notch cast. The title role goes to Kendal Bogan. She has the charisma to make us believe that she’d have quite a number of admirers. She projects mystique and keeps us guessing.

She keeps Detective Mark McPherson guessing as well. He doesn’t keeps his distance from Laura as he should, but still tries to keep a level head as he courts and questions his possible suspect. He’s played by Anderson Shaw.

Justin Tinsley plays Laura’s witty and jovial agent Waldo Lydecker. This is his first performance with the Red Curtain Foundation. He is quite splendid as he goes from sweet and tender to prying and severe in the blink of an eye.

Samantha Lee plays the boy next door, Danny. Yes, it is a girl playing a boy, but it’s not like it’s first time that’s happened. She is nothing less than convincing in the role.

Laura’s rather hot-tempered fiancé, Shelby Carpenter, is well played by Alex Tweedie. He has a bright future ahead of him. He aspires to be in the movies in the future, and will probably make it with talent like this.

Vanessa Langston plays Laura’s maid Bessie, who wants very much to be of use. You might remember her from last fall’s “The Sunshine Boys.”

Susan Pereira plays the obstinate landlady Mrs. Dorgan who seems anxious to get rid of Laura as a resident.

And Dustin Neumann has a small cameo as Officer Olsen.

You don’t want to miss this spine-tingling thriller.

“Laura” is playing at the Historic Everett Theater now until Feb. 10. For ticket information call 425-258-6766.

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