Kudos for the good will at Goodwill

Apr 03, 2014


This wonderful news can help offset some of crime news, and renew our faith in our citizens.

Two Fridays ago my wife left the Edmonds' Goodwill store with her purchases and returned home.

She did not look for her wallet until Monday or Tuesday afternoon when she needed it.  Being worried about identity theft, we searched everywhere to no avail.  We were desperate.

She called Goodwill and told the clerk that she believed she had left it at their store counter.  The clerk answered,  "Yes, we have left two messages telling you that your purse is here."

All was intact including driver's license, credit cards and the cash.

We were told that the wallet was by the front door, not on the counter as we suspected.

The manager and clerk both exemplified the human trait of honesty. They set a standard that, if everyone followed it, we'd have a better world.

These ladies deserve a great deal of recognition and praise.  We were told that it would amaze you how many people leave their wallets and purses at the store.

Fortunately, there are good, decent people to help us when we become careless.

Again, kudos to the people who work for Goodwill!

James and Bonnie Hodges


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