Just believe us!

Steven Keeler
Oct 01, 2012


The local greens certainly are experts at propaganda.  They never stop trying to get some support, to capture the public's imagination.

For them, that entails getting media coverage. So, they have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and add no mention about any doubts they might have.

The pristine waters of Puget Sound?  Degradation? The decades of raw sewage from Victoria BC?  No worry, all went out into the ocean.

The decades of septic systems ringing the sound?  Well, it can't be doing any harm, right?

The coal dust along train tracks?  Well, we can't show you any, but, take our word, it's there, somewhere.

CO2 caused global warming?  Well, as soon as we can find some of this heat, we will let you know where it's hiding.  We promise!

In the meantime, stop the job creation, stop the royalty payments to our government and taxes paid.  Just believe the greens.


Steven Keeler

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Oct 01, 2012 11:42

Rubbish.  Mr Keeler yet again paints those swho disagree with him in the broadest, most general terms - and yet smearing the opposition rarely does much to convince them or the error of their ways, or persuade others as to the virtue of your own.

Why is it that only the other side issues "propaganda," or evilly never stop trying to gain support?   And only the other side ever tries for media coverage?

It is hard to make much of a letter which mixes coal dust, evil propaganda, refutes the preponderance of scientists who support human-caused global climate change, septic discharge into Puget Sound, reads into the minds of the opposition and their motivation, with dripping irony predicts the future response of environmentalists, and equates environmental concern with wanting to stop job creation, taxes, etc.

An amazing letter.

But can we hope for more adult discussion of these topics at some point?  They do, after all concern many of us, and many of us do not share Mr. Keeler's impassioned, all-inclusive and omniscient views.


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