Insensitivity to issues

By John Christensen | Jan 27, 2013


The recent "guest view" by Mr. Keuss of the Port of Edmonds  (Beacon 1/24/13) shows an insensitivity to the issues concerning the Harbor Square "redevelopment" as they are viewed by the citizens of Edmonds.

He wants the city council to work with the Port to develop reasonable solutions to any concerns the council has (not the Port's problem.)

The Port continues to be the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Fresh in Edmonds citizen’s memory is the joint venture between the Port and the Edmonds yacht club to add a lighthouse tower to the yacht club building when construction was far advanced.

One can hardly wait to see what else the Port will pull out of their hat should development be allowed.


John Christensen

Editor’s note – Mr. Keuss is the former Port Director but is no longer “of” the Port. – Ed.

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