Honor precedent, be present

Just being there to listen for a half hour to an hour will have a large impact.
Nov 27, 2012


In 1982, Governor John Spellman vetoed a bill passed by the Legislature that would have allowed Chicago Bridge and Iron to build oil platforms at the Gateway Pacific terminal at Cherry Point.

This veto was made during a recession as he determined the project created unacceptable environmental risks for coastal waters.  Governor Spellman set a precedent that deserves honoring.

The currently proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point in Whatcom County would mean Edmonds would live with18 more trains, over 25 miles of cars through the heart of town, day in, day out.

This brings noise, chemical pollution to the air and waters, traffic and ferry delay, challenges to businesses near the tracks and may require public tax dollars to mitigate these consequences.

Many citizens along the rail route of the Columbia River Gorge and up the Puget Sound waterfront are asking the permitting agencies to study the comprehensive environmental impacts, not just those at the site where the terminal would be built.

There will be a hearing on Thursday, Dec. 13, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Washington State ConventionCenter, Ballroom 6F in downtown Seattle. This is our opportunity to show public concern for the impacts our communities will bear, the downside of this investment by major coal, railway and Goldman Sachs.  Organizers are suggesting arrival around 3 p.m., wearing something red to ensure the message is seen and heard -- stop coal exports.

Just being there to listen for a half hour to an hour will have a large impact.

The Park and Ride on Aurora Ave. at 192nd has bus #358 leaving at 1:55pm and arriving at 3rd and Pike at 2:48pm, a convenient option.  Transit info is available at 425, 353-7433.

Now is our only time to ask that these environmental impacts to our community be studied, to show our concern.  No Cherry Point terminal, no increased coal train traffic.

Your presence is your gift to the Edmonds community and all those living and recreating along the rail lines now and in the future.


Dianna Maish


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