‘Home again’ is brilliant

By Jafar Vakili | May 31, 2013


I was at the Lynwood Library on Wednesday, May 29, and decided I would like to take a look at available publications.

I was there for an English class that was established for new immigrants and the EDMONDS BEACON was in my hand, which I then read page by page.

The article "No distractions at the library" attracted my attention! I began to read it, and had a glance at Joanne Peterson's picture with "HOME AGAIN" printed on the top of it; all these made me very interested.  Her face talked to me!

As I continued reading, it gave me a sense and feeling such as I was sitting beside her and listening to her text that was brilliant, shining and beautiful.

I wish I were there to give her my hearty bravo.


Jafar Vakili



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