Council approves Voluntary Separation Program

Saves City $575,491 in ongoing salaries and benefits
Nov 02, 2012

One of Mayor Earling initiatives, the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program ( VSIP) was unanimously voted positively by the city council, last Tuesday at the Edmonds City Council meeting.

In an effort to accommodate budgetary constraints, the Mayor announced a one-time, non-precedent-setting offer for employees to voluntarily separate from the city in exchange for a small incentive (Voluntary Separation Incentive Program, or VSIP).

The goal of the VSIP was to reduce the City's overall salary costs by reducing FTE levels, while minimizing impacts on service level to citizens.

This program offered incentives to employees to voluntarily separate from employment, either through retirement or resignation.

There were nine employees that applied for the program, and six that were accepted given the program criteria originally outlined by the Mayor.  After the initial acceptance, one member revoked his application.

The ongoing savings for these five positions that will be eliminated is $575,491.

There has been numerous reorganizing city-wide to accommodate the separations of these individuals.

This will create some efficiencies, significant ongoing savings to the general fund, and the ability to minimize impacts on service level to citizens.




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Posted by: NaShea Marie Ridgeway | Nov 07, 2012 13:49

I'm always glad to see people on either side of these difficult issues making rational balanced decisions and opening the door for working together fairly. This option, giving people a choice to separate in exchange for some benefit, is so much better than moving around behind people and surprising everyone with a layoff or cutting everyone's hours right before the holidays.

In the last couple of months I have seen a growing number of examples of the American People and American businesses and leaders making mature choices that take responsibility and solve problems amicably, and it's such a nice change from the law-suits and threats we have dealt with in the last decade. I see this article, and I see the People coming together to help the cities impacted by Sandy instead of standing in the street hollering at the government (as much.) I see my son's school providing fun marathon activities and optional goal-based exercise programs instead of pounding their heads against McMedia and washing their hands of responsibility. I read about the DEA's intentions to 'talk' with Washington about our legalization of marijuana instead of hurling threats at us from DC. These things make me happy and hopeful.

Praised be common sense and amicability.

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