Collaboration: an exhibit by members of ArtistsConnect of Edmonds

Feb 13, 2014
“The Forgotten Goddess” is a mixed media sculpture using a mannequin, air dray clay, paper, acrylic paint and fiber created by Susie Howell and Tonnie Wolfe. It is part of the ArtistsConnect exhibit at the Frances Anderson Center.

The Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation and the Edmonds Arts Commission are presenting “Collaboration: an exhibit by members of ArtistsConnect of Edmonds” at the Frances Anderson Center.

Creativity can be enhanced by a number of factors.  Collaboration is one.  Viewed as a strong influence on innovation, companies such as Apple and Google created workspaces that foster cross-pollination and collaboration.

Artists often work in isolation.  In doing so, it is easy to stay within comfortable habits and practices that are familiar.  Through a desire to explore and innovate, a group of artists decided to form pairs and teams to create a single piece of collaborative art.  Thus the Collaboration exhibit was born.

The Collaboration Project emerged from ArtistsConnect, a group of Edmonds-area artists that receives support from the Edmonds Art Festival Foundation and ArtWorks.

The exhibit will showcase the collaborative pieces of 19 artists.  Artists worked in pairs or trios to create both two- and three-dimensional works.  Many will add an individual piece to the show, so the viewer can compare the artist’s usual style with what emerged from the collaboration.

The Collaboration Project encouraged the artist teams to try something new.

From a large three-panel screen made from painted doors and iron to a small ceramic and fiber statuette, the scale of work varied.

Artists who typically worked in two dimensions, created three-dimensional pieces.

For example, a glass artist paired with a photographer created an under-seascape.  A team who shared an art trip to Paris collaged images onto fabric and designed a skirt as homage to Paris fashion.

Those who worked with more traditional media wrestled with how to combine them both technically and aesthetically. All reported stretching in some way.

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