Baby Seal Babysitting at Brackets Landing

By Eric Archer
Photo by: Eric Archer, Sound Image Studio Seal pup squints into the sunshine on Edmonds Beach

This morning just after 8am a baby seal was spotted near the ferry dock at Brackets landing.  Shortly there after the Edmonds Seal Sitters were on the scene to clear the area around the pup of all humans, set up some caution tape and settle in for a day of questions!

Bea Wilson with the WSU Beach Watchers of Snohomish County and a volunteer for the Edmonds Seal Sitters says that the pup is about 4-5 days old, and at last inspection still had his umbilical cord attached.  The mom seal most likely escorted the pup up onto the beach last night and then hit the Puget Sound to hunt for some food.  The seal pups don't wander far at all on land, just wait patiently and quite still for them mother to return.  With the assistance of the Seal Sitters,  the beach far safer for the baby seals than wandering the waterways.

Bea went in close and quietly to take the pup's measurements and record them for documentation, with the baby seal hardly budging to look at her, then returned to his afternoon nap.

The  Edmonds Seal Sitters are happy to talk with the curious passers by and answer any questions you may have.  While I was there a small kid ean up with a sand pale and asked what this fish they found was, and Bea told her all about it and it's role in the food chain.  I now know what salmon fry like to eat!

If you come across a baby seal that doesn't yet have a sitter please call the Edmonds Seal Sitters at 425-327-3336.  Federal law requires that you stay 300 feet away from beached animals, so please leave them plenty of distance!

If you are interested in becoming a Seal Sitter you can contact Bea Wilson at

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