A sloggers' supper

By John Owen | Dec 13, 2012

The woman's scream erupted during what had been a quiet dinner party.  Eyewitnesses jumped at the noise and immediately wondered whether the victim was being assaulted, insulted of whether she had found a mouse in the mousse.

The incident proved less dramatic. The woman had warned friends before that if she ever again found herself at a party trapped conversationally between two joggers, she would yell bloody murder.

She fulfilled her promise but its doubtful if her yelp disturbed the two runners, especially if they were discussing something important like carbohydrate loading.

Obviously the offended femme did not check the credentials of her dinner partners. Unbeknownst to her, she just might have been seated next to  Ken Bellingham.

He is the owner and oven-master of the Edmonds Bakery and he recently closed his doors for a few days  to compete in an out-of-town half marathon.

According to some testimonies on the internet, Ken has saved more than one wedding.  As a matter of fact "he saved my buns" one women wrote, recalling her wedding which had to be accomplished with only four days notice.

She was flustered and frustrated in her hurried shopping excursion.  Then she drove to Edmonds and Ken filled her order in a matter of minutes, carried everything out to her car and the husband  is still raving about the cake with fudge filling.

Another woman recalled that she met Ken at the Seattle Bridal Show.  He not only helped with the planning but he promised to deliver the wedding cake himself, to Issaquah, on Labor Day weekend.

The day produced 98 degree temperatures, and the bride to be feared that the wedding cake might have melted away en route. It was fresh and tempting as a  first kiss.

See, Ken is not only a master baker he is also a runner, which means he delivers the goods on time.

I don' t know if he prepared for his recent half-marathon on a race-day diet of doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and white cake with fudge filling.

During the Intermediate Eater's running days I was more liable to load my carbohydrates in the following fashion.



Sloggers' Supper


6 cups water

6 tablespoon chicken bouillon

8 ounces fine noodles

1 1/2 cups large curd cottage cheese

1 1/2 cups sour cream

1 clove garlic, minced

2 tablespoons onion, minced

1 small jar pimentos, minced

1/4 teaspoon tobasco sauce

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

10 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated


Bring water to a boil and stir in bouillon.  Add noodles and cook on low heat until all the liquid has been absorbed by the noodles.

Mix cottage cheese, sour cream, garlic, onion, pimentos,   Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire.  Add noodles.

Place half the noodles in a casserole and top with half the cheese. Add remaining noodle mixture and rest of cheese. Let this mess marinate two hours or so.

Bake covered in a 350 oven for one hour.  Remove lid and cook another 15 minutes.

Serves six or more  joggers, sloggers or bakers.

These noodles are also excellent as a side dish with baked ham.

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