1st public hearing for Harbor Square Plan scheduled

This will be the first of two public hearings scheduled to receive public comment
By Val Stewart, Vice Chair Edmonds Planning Board | Nov 29, 2012

There will be a City Council Public Hearing Tuesday Dec. 4 at 7 p.m., in the Edmonds City Council Chambers regarding Amendment to  the City’s Comprehensive Plan to include the Port of Edmonds Harbor Square Master Plan.

Check the City website on Friday for the scheduled sequencing and planned timing for the hearing.

This will be the first of two public hearings scheduled to receive public comment.  The second hearing is presently scheduled for Dec. 18.

The Harbor Square Master Plan envisions a mixed-use transit-oriented development.  The mixed used nature of the master plan will allow for retail, commercial, office and public uses along with multi-family residential housing.

The Port's conceptual plan for the redevelopment indicates up to 358 residential units, 50,400 square feet of retail space, 9,784 square feet of office space, 123,410 square feet of recreational health club uses including tennis courts, 3.8 acres of public open space, and 1,091 spaces of off-street parking.

The Master Plan describes buildings of variable heights up to a maximum of 55 feet.  Buildings up to 35 feet are proposed along Dayton Street with step back provisions for portions about 35 feet. Taller buildings up to 55 feet could be located toward the south and western edges of the site.

Specific details, the full Master Plan and many supporting documents can most easily be found at the City website - go to the

Meeting Agendas item on the home page and select the City Council agenda for November 20, 2012.

Edmonds Planning Board has reviewed the plan extensively along with the Shoreline Master Program update because the two documents must be consistent.

The public hearing(s) on the Shoreline Master Program

update will soon follow.

The Planning Board asked extensive questions about the Master Plan over six meetings from July 25 to Oct. 24, 2012.

Areas covered included: Site access and egress, existing

buildings and tenants, relocation of Athletic Club and Tennis Center, relationship to Edmonds Marsh, parking and traffic impacts, sustainability, drainage, site history, walkability, landscaping and buffer zones, streetscape, setbacks and step backs, view corridors, and the relationship of the proposed redevelopment to the antique mall site (Salish Crossing) across Dayton and to the downtown core.

The Planning Board discussions and its recommendations related to the Port Master Plan can also be accessed via the City Council Agenda for November 20, 2012.

The Shoreline Master Program update would include a new land use designation adjacent to the Edmonds Marsh identified as Mixed-Use III that incorporates residential use, and the Planning Board has recommended a 50 ft. Shore Setback from the Edmonds Marsh dedicated entirely to open space with no construction, roads or parking allowed.

Careful consideration is being given to the use, protection,

restoration, and preservation of our shorelines which is the premise

of the Shoreline Master Program.

The Port Master Plan for Harbor Square is not a project-specific proposal.  The Port is seeking to have their conceptual plan for Harbor Square incorporated into the City’s Comprehensive Plan. At a later date there likely will be a project specific development proposal; however, that is not being considered at this point in time.

Citizens are encouraged to come to the public hearing to comment on this urban village concept and the recommendation to include the Port’s conceptual plan for Harbor Square into the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Additional information may be obtained at the City website "www.edmondswa.gov" or from the Planning Division: 425-771-0220.

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