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By Finley Gonzales | Sep 07, 2016
Finley Gonzales

Finley Gonzales, a fourth grader at Endeavor Elementary, is the runner-up in Beacon Publishing's seventh annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her essay here. -Ed.

I love so much about living in Mukilteo that I can’t sum it up in 400 words, but I’ll try.

First, I love that everybody is so nice and everybody is always smiling.

Second is the nature. It is so gorgeous here, and everybody does their part to keep it that way. Even just watering plants and planting them makes a difference!

Third, I love living by a public library, and I love the idea of borrowing books if we can’t buy them.

Fourth is the schools! I love living near schools that encourage kids and tell them they can make a difference. Everybody can if they are encouraged. The teachers here are so inspiring, and they also stop bullying fast.

Fifth, the YMCA is a wonderful addition to Mukilteo because everybody needs to exercise, and the YMCA is a great place to do it if you don’t have the equipment.

Sixth, I love our community bakeries and cafes that make our city feel unique.

Seventh, I love the lighthouse because it’s a great landmark in Mukilteo, and it’s beautiful. Also, the beach is a great place to have a bonfire and swim and just have fun!!

Eighth, the Boys & Girls Club is nice to have so close. All the people there do a very good job, and I love playing basketball there.

Ninth, there are cool houses. They always make new houses and apartments. It’s nice so everybody has a home.

Tenth, all the sports programs are a great addition to Mukilteo because it gives kids a chance to try new things.

Eleventh is the P.E. and music specialists at our schools. Everybody should have those to have a good break and learn music and sports.

Twelfth, the parks are great because they give you space to run and play if you don’t have a big yard.

And the thirteenth and most important thing I love about living in Mukilteo is the people! I love that everybody cares. If one bad thing happens to somebody here everyone supports them and helps.

I love living in Mukilteo!!!

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